Wild Boar

The middle mountains of southern Tajikistan, with dense shrubby vegetation and a large number of wild fruit trees (mulberry, pear, blackthorn, apple, hawthorn, walnut) provide an excellent habitat for wild boars. Since the locals rarely hunt this species, many huge animals can be found in the area. Usually the canines are in the range of 21-23 cm, and sometimes can exceed 26 cm in old cleavers.

Hunting season

mid June to mid August


The hunt is done by waiting under the fruit trees on elevation up to 1000-1700 meters.

Base camp

The hunting Camp is simple houses or tents. Tents and houses equip with necessary comfort, power generator, Shower and rest room. The cooker and other service staff does everything possible to please our guest.


Usually the weather is favorable and more or less predictable in this region during the hunting period. At daylight hours in November the temperature is from 32°F-45°F / 0°C to 10°C and at nighttime from24°F up to 18°F / -10°C up to -15°C. Windy conditions.

Sample itinerary:

Day 1: arrival in Dushanbe, travel to the hunting area, accommodation, rest
Day 1-7 : day hunt
Day 8 : transfer to Dushanbe, overnight
Day 9 : departure

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